From a Farmer

To a Perfumer

Our story Started in the early 1959s with our late founder, Haji Ali Ajmal. He was born in a family of rice farmers, from Alinagar – a small village located in Hojai, Assam, India.

Haji Ali Ajmal heard about the Oudh trade and how it could be a handsome breadwinner for families in his hometown. His decision to take the risk in the frosts, laid the foundation for Ajmal.   

Our Beginning

In 1951s, Haji Ali Ajmal decided to move to Mumbai, India. With the 500 Rs he had, he set up his first shop in Nagdevi Street in Crawford Market. 

With honesty, detection and hard work, he slowly and steadily built his business. With his sons entering the business – within a span of two decades – , the family had planted the seeds of the Ajmal brand and grown them into a strong tree.

Crafting Memories

since 1951

At Ajmal Perfumes, we crafted the art of perfumery into science. And through our fragrances, we crafted an everlasting memories.

Ajmal Corporate Values
Social Responsibilities

At Ajmal, we value integrity, partnership, excellence and open communication. And one of Ajmal’s core values is to care for the community. We don’t only Craft Memories through our fragrance, we are also gifted, enriched and bejeweled with a number of socio-welfare initiatives under our Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR). We salute the vision and dreams of our founder father, Late Haji Ajmal Ali and his wife, Late Maryamunnesa Ajmal.

Ajmal is a Brand with a Purpose. Every year 10% of the Ajmal Group’s net profits are used for philanthropic activities. These funds go to the deserving and underprivileged in the form of free treatment in hospitals and free education in schools, colleges and orphanages; including vocational training of the youth. Thereby, we cherish the memories of beautiful smiles, as enriching lives through Crafting Memories of Happiness. 

Our Vision

We aim for Ajmal brand to be globally recognized